Architectural Salvage, Inc.


Architectural Salvage removes a significant amount of lumber from salvage jobs. Below you'll find a representative sample. Please email or call to find out specifics.
Reclaimed Lumber
SOLD Floor from the Thomas Clark House, Belmont MA circa 1760
Approximately 225 sq. ft.
Sample of Attic Floor - Bottom picture is cleaned
700 sq. ft.  Average width 14+ inches
Lengths up to 20ft.
Remnants from a Pipe Organ
Some of our Wide Board Hand-Planed Wainscotting
Salvaged Floor Boards Wide Pine
Representative Photos - Attic Flooring
Antique V-Groove Wainscotting - Approximately 1000 sq. ft. available
Hewn 8 x 8s  6 at 22ft and 12 at 12ft
Early Painted Flooring - Appr 250 sq. ft.
Colonial Ceiling Boards
Colonial Ceiling Boards - Approximately 160 Square Feet
Set of 8 x 8 Beams
2   8 x 9  22FT Pine Beams
3   7 x 7  24FT  Oak Beams